Folsom Outfitters

New Mexico Elk Hunting

We elk hunt on over 16,000 acres, of which 100% is private land. Each year we acquire Private Landowner Tags and enjoy exclusive use of the ranches and land for our hunters. The light hunting pressure on these Elk Huntranches means bulls have a chance to reach full maturity. You can rest assured that the big bull elk of your dreams could show up on any given moment of your hunt. The Folsom area has a well earned reputation of producing several record book class animals each season.

Folsom Outfitters offers two different bull elk hunts; archery and rifle. The dates for the archery hunt fall in September each year. The rut starts in early September, so the hunter can expect to hear lots of bugling and see a lot of elk. 

Archery Hunt

The archery hunt is a very physically demanding hunt, not for the faint of heart or an impatient hunter. The fee for this hunt is $6,000.00 (plus license) for a five-day. Meals, lodging, full guide service, field preparation of meat and caping, and tax is included in the price of these hunts.

Rifle Bull Hunt

The rifle bull hunt season runs from October through December with the best hunting occurring in the fall around October and November. The earlier hunts in the first New Mexico Elk Hunthalf of October are probably the best, as the rut is still on but not as strong as in September. By the middle of October the rut is pretty well finished however there are still lots of bulls to be taken. The price of the hunt is $7,000.00 (plus license) for a five-day hunt, which includes meals lodging, full guide service, field preparation of meat, caping, and tax. We take limited number of rifle bull elk hunters so early booking is a must.

Both archery and rifle hunts take place in pretty rugged terrain at an altitude between 6500 and 8000 feet. The hunts are conducted from 4x4 vehicles with spotting and stalking being the primary means of hunting. Some tree stand hunting along travel routes between bedding/feeding areas and wallows may be utilized when conditions dictate. The elk tags are for either sex in both the rifle and archery hunts. If a hunter doesn't take a bull within the first several days, the tag may also be used for a cow elk.New Mexico Elk Hunt

Cow Elk Hunts

Cow elk hunts are from November through January. The price of the hunt is $2,000.00 (plus license) for a five-day hunt. Full guide service, preparation of meat, meals, lodging, and tax are included in the price of the hunt.

Most of these hunts are guided by Kyle and are mainly 1x1. If a hunter would like to bring a hunting companion or a non-hunting companion then a 2x1 is not a problem. Give us a call is you have any questions about this hunt. Let's go elk hunting!

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required to book a hunt. References available upon request.