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Kyle Bell...owner and operator of Folsom Outfitters



Kyle Says...

Hidy, I am Kyle Bell, owner and operator of Folsom Outfitters.

The following statements are based on 26 years of experience guiding hunters on public and private land in Colorado, Idaho and New Mexico.

I do not want to make anyone mad or hurt their feelings, this is just the truth and I don’t apologize for being honest.

Here are 10 tips for prospective hunters at Folsom Outfitters.
  • If you are unable to walk for long distances over rough steep terrain or just plain lazy then elk hunting with me may not be for you.
  • If you already know everything about hunting that there is to know then I recommend a non-guided hunt.
  • Know your limitations. Unrealistic expectations can lead to unhappy results.
  • I don’t care how you did it back home – “This ain’t back home!”
  • Know your weapon! “DO NOT” show up with a rifle that you have never fired or sighted in.
  • Learn to shoot in different positions, standing, kneeling or laying down. We don’t sit in a tree or a box blind waiting for the corn feeder to go off.
  • Practice shooting long distances. There are lots of times up here that you need to shoot farther than 100 yards.
  • AMMUNITION- bring the right size bullet to take down an elk. I strongly recommend a 30 caliber rifle or larger and at least a 180 grain bullet. Shot placement is crucial. If you don’t knock em down I want a bullet big enough to leave a good blood trail.
  • If you decide to hunt here, “GET IN SHAPE”. I can only hunt where YOU can hunt.
  • There are no guarantees. You have to be able to sit still and quietly for long periods of time. I can’t control the weather or the animals that we hunt. If you want a guaranteed hunt go hunt behind a high fence.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

“Good Huntin”,